Windsurfing Training 


We offer courses tailored to all skill levels, and if you prefer, we also provide intensive private lessons.


Our intensive courses have a maximum of three participants per instructor and take place in El Médano Bay. We have specialized instructors proficient in multiple languages, and the price includes all the necessary equipment.


Additionally, we provide a equipment rental service, offering sails and boards of different sizes to cover a wide range of weather conditions.


BEGINNER course (5h) 3 days:

Gear setup & Wind theory,

Rotations, Sailing Upwind,

Beach Start

280€  individual lesson / 450€  Two people

INTERMEDIUM / ADVANCED Course (5h) 2/3 days

Tack & Jibe, Water Start,

Get Planing, Footstraps, Power Jibes,

basic Free-Style elements, Harness

350€  individual lesson / 560€  Two people

Individual 1-hour class (price may vary depending on the level)

1 person – €65/hour
2 people – €110/hour

Complete equipment rental

1 hour – €55
2 hours – €75
1 day – €100

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