A combination of sport and relaxation like no other.


We encourage you to have a good time enjoying the benefits of Stand Up Paddle or kayak sailing through the Médano Bay, you will see an incredible landscape and you can get closer to the Montaña Roja.


If the weather is calm and there is not much wind and strong waves, both SUP and kayaking are the perfect alternatives to have fun in the water.


We have 1 and 2 person kayaks and rigid and inflatable paddle boards so that you can choose based on the comfort of each one.


We also give classes in other spots, check out our tours!

Classes SUP


1h30´ – 40€    

2h – 55€


2 persons    

1h30´ – 30€/p    

2h – 40€/p


more than 2 persons   

1h30´ – 25€/p    

2h – 30€/p



1h – 10€    

3h – 25€    

full day 40€


Kayak individual

1h – 10€    

3h – 25€  

full day – 40€


Kayak double

1h – 15€    

3h – 35€    

full day – 50€

SUP/Kayak 2H
SUP/Kayak 1H1/2


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